Zomato’s New Food Quality Policy Deferred by 2 Weeks After Backlash

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Food ordering and delivery platform – Zomato – is taking the centre stage once again as it comes up with a new food quality policy. However, after facing backlash over concerns that the policy is one-sided and involves unfair penalisation of restaurants, Zomato decided to defer its implementation to May 3 against the earlier date of April 18. 

The Policy Pickle

The policy – which was to take effect from April 18 – could “temporarily disable” online orders from a restaurant if consumers complain about a restaurant’s food quality, serving expired pre-packaged food items or even providing rotten food. 

Restaurant Ructions

Terming the policy as “unfair”, restaurants have accused Zomato of overstepping its limits since checking food hygiene is FSSAI’s job. However, the food safety regulator is backing Zomato’s policy since it ties in with its efforts to maintain food quality and hygiene.

Rajat Jaiswal, co-founder of Wat-a-Burger, expostulates, ”Around 70% of customer complaints turn out to be fake. If restaurants are penalised, why not penalise a customer who registers a fake complaint?”

The latest: In a day of fast-moving developments, Zomato said that it was pushing the implementation to May 3 from April 18. Meanwhile, it also invited feedback from restaurants on the framework by April 22. 

Assuaging the Agitation

On a placatory note, Zomato pointed out that online orders from a restaurant would be disabled only after consulting the restaurant management and such cases related to the policy were rare (0.001%).

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Zomato’s new food safety policy put off for 2 weeks from April 18 to May 3 amid concerns from restaurants; FSSAI agrees with proposed steps.




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