Dominate weight training with Do-It-Yourself Domyos Dumbell

Dominate weight training with Do-It-Yourself Domyos Dumbell

Everyone knows what the COVID pandemic has done to the gym freaks and fitness enthusiasts. The early morning run to the workout center is all but over now. Gradually, customers have realized the importance of adapting to various Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gym equipment available in the market. These products are easy to use, available online, and customizable, giving users many options to mix and match their workout combinations.

One such product is the Do-It-Yourself Domyos Weight Training Dumbell, which is available online and offline with Decathlon.

Product Kit

The product kit comes in various weight combinations, but we got the 20 Kg set for this review. There are two chrome-plated steel rods of 2 Kgs to start with, which are easy to grip and give a premium feel and finish to the entire product kit.

There are multiple weights of different combinations, starting from 1 Kg, going all the way up to 20 Kgs. Customers can create different weight combinations as per their requirements. This kit has the flexibility of creating heavy, as well as low-intensity weight sets.


The entire package comes assorted in a smart plastic box with an easy-to-fit slotting mechanism for placing the weight rods and the discs separately. The product came packed and delivered as per the standard Decathlon specifications. There were no significantly distinct features that were out of place. 

Although there was some room for improvement in the delivery time, considering the significant lead time required by the service provider themselves. Eager customers should be mindful of the time taken to deliver their orders well in advance.


Passionate gym enthusiasts should explore all the different weight combinations available with Decathlon before freezing their final option as the standard product comes in multiple packs.

Decathlon has done an excellent job with the Do-It-Yourself Domyos Weight Training Dumbell. It is one product that can easily be recommended to all the categories of gym and workout enthusiasts.

Decathlon has been one of the most trusted brands in India for sports and fitness products. It has been able to create and build a reputation for safety, quality, and reliability for its products, and this Domyos Weight Training Dumbell does not harm that reputation.

DIY home work out kits are the latest trend these days, and customers can purchase a plethora of products online. In this cluttered market space, Decathlon stands out on account of its excellent product quality, value for money, and reliability.

If you want to use a product that does not make you miss the regular gym workout sessions, then this Do-It-Yourself Domyos Weight Training Dumbell is the product for you. 

So, stop procrastinating and start working out today. It is easy and straightforward!

This post is written by Somraj Bhattacharjee (LinkedIn), an experienced marketing professional currently working as a Senior Product Manager with Vehant Technologies. Along with being an industry practitioner, he is also pursuing his interests in the field of academic research from IIM Rohtak.

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