Two #VocalForLocal Indian decor brands that you must adorn your home with!

Two #VocalForLocal Indian home decor brands that you must adorn your home with! ft. Indus People

The Paper Window

Imagine a piece of furniture which foldable and light in weight. Will you believe us if we told you that the material used to make this functional decor furniture is paper? Welcome to the world of The Paper Window.

The products are unbelievably quirky yet sturdy. With a calm aesthetic approach in their products, the brand uniquely elevates your lifestyle to be a smart one – be it your personal or professional or even both!

One glance at them, and we are sure the products will turn some heads when placed on display.

Our recommendation would be the gorgeous paper stool. Once you are done using it, you can simply fold it and store it while it sits like a book.

If you don’t believe it all, watch the video for your self.

Indus People

Indus People defines rooted aestheticism at its best. Inspired by the mighty Indian subcontinent, the products beautifully narrate a visual experience that is minimal in design but maximal in use.

One can rarely find their sense of inspiration anywhere else. The plates, cups, bowls are some products which are not only functional but rich in their colors and design. This decor brand promotes itself not as occasional but rather everyday use.

But what captures our attention is how flexible this decor brand is in making sure the power of curation lies with the people ultimately using the product, i.e., the customers.

You have the possibility of buying either one piece from Dip in the Gaga collection, which is encrusted with 24k gold – marigold leaves for your office or a mix-match dinner set to suit your style sensibilities.

This decor brand imbibes the beauty of personalization.

Credits: The Paper Window Website; Indus People Website

Picture Credits: Official Facebook Pages; Instagram

The Paper Window:

Indus People:

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