TreeWear: Winning eco-points with its sustainable packaging #vocalforlocal

TreeWear: Winning eco-points with its sustainable packaging #vocalforlocal

There is an Indian brand that is imbibing a sustainable philosophy in its business. Enter Treewear, a brand focused on ecological living which is creating natural alternatives for everyday products, benefiting both its customers and the environment. 

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years the second-best time is now”

Treewear makes products off tin, glass, and cardboard, which is entirely sustainable and eco-friendly.

The sustainable packaging, which is plastic-free, reusable & safe, adds to the product’s quality, giving the customers ethical shopping experience. 

Let’s dive into some of its products employing green packaging and shipping practices. 

  • Compostable deodorant stick packaging

Most of the product packaging is made from recyclable materials; many of them end up in landfills and oceans. This aggravates the issue of micro-plastics entering our eco-system, which most would argue can have immense negative impacts.⠀

To address this problem, TreeWear uses paperboard tubes. Post using the product; one can easily remove the inner and outer lining. By doing so, the tube becomes ready to disintegrate into the soil over time; something plastic just cannot do!

  • Sanitizer box that can be upcycled

As mentioned on the packaging, one can upcycle the hand sanitizers’ boxes and reuse them as pen stands, cutlery, straws, toothpicks boxes.

What makes TreeWear really inclusive is how it encourages its customers to suggest other potential uses around its product packaging. 

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Lip balms packaged in aluminum containers 

With TreeWear’s lip balms making sure that your lip care is on point, by not using one-time plastics in either their packaging or their shipping, Treewear makes sure our environment is taken care of.

Every purchase with TreeWear contributes to their tree-planting initiatives around the country. To put it in perspective, four deodorant sticks that one would use over a year contribute towards planting exactly one tree. The brand even has a ‘Track Your Tree’ feature, which allows its customers to visit the tree planted on their behalf!

With such a strong commitment to selling products that are deeply rooted in sustainability and are environment-friendly, we implore you to make the switch today!

Credits: TreeWear Website

Picture Credits: Official Facebook Page and Instagram

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