Tattoos? YOLO – No more. Inkbox is here!

Tattoos? YOLO - No more. Inkbox is here!

About two years ago, I received a recommendation on Pinterest about a tattoo. It was just out of a dream with its fine lines and minimal design. “Wouldn’t you want me on your skin?” it said. I’m like, wow – this indeed has to be a magical tattoo, for it is talking to me. Or am I just hallucinating? So, I do my research and head up to a reputed tattoo parlor. Just as I am going to pull the handle down, I don’t know then that I am walking into one of my weirdest fears – getting something permanent – for the rest of my life. But I don’t know that yet, so it is okay. 

I sit down on a chair, and I meet this artist – Anand. Calmly, he says, “Devieka, is this your first tattoo? Are you ready to ink your skin?” I am like, Okay, is this a warning sign? Then he progresses with a bit of chit-chatting, and suddenly he says – are you ready now? I am like, “What should I be ready for?” and then he says – to ink your skin – forever? And he brought in front of my eyes, this small but strong tattoo gun with a needle so sharp that it could slice a paper. I remember, my sweat is coming down my palms, my heart is racing, and my eyes are now tight shut!

Now I am well aware of my commitment phobia. With tattoos being more mainstream than ever, my brain stumbles upon an ad for Inkbox that I had once seen. 

Tattoos? YOLO - No more. Inkbox is here!
Tattoos? YOLO – No more. Inkbox is here!

“One-third of millennials report having at least one tattoo, and Gen Z is on track for keeping that trend going,” says Tyler Handley, CEO, and co-founder of Inkbox.

Inkbod is direct to Consumer tattoo brand with tattoos that can be applied at home effortlessly, painlessly, in just 1-2 minutes, and stays on for 1-2 weeks. Now, these tattoos have been featured in Stranger Things, Russian Doll, and The Greatest Showman.

A mode of self-expression that is filled with freedom and flexibility.

The dermatologically-approved ink painlessly sinks into the skin’s upper layer to change its color and fade away as the skin naturally regenerates. This ink does not become harmful after its shelf life but just loses its potency. 

Tattoos? YOLO - No more. Inkbox is here!
Tattoos? YOLO – No more. Inkbox is here!

Based out of Canada, Inkbox’s catalog boasts over 4,000 designs and custom options, fulfilling everyone’s design dreams. For example, Inkbox’s astrology tattoos make great gifts for the spiritual friend that isn’t into crystals. The brand’s top-selling flower tattoos are perfect for the plant lover who doesn’t need any more plants.

With major collaboration partners like Rick and Morty, YouTube heartthrob Kurtis Conner, and significant musicians, the tattoo collections offer a wide range of realistic tattoo designs, complete with shading and intricate linework. 

Inkbox: It’s art on skin. 

The brand draws inspiration from the indigenous tribes in Panama, who have been tattooing for thousands of years as a family and community function. Having said that, Inkbox is different from Henna in terms of color and jagua in not using the pulp of the fruit. 

The brand regularly collaborates with some of the world’s top tattoo artists, like Girl Knew York (Ariana Grande’s favorite artist), and Curt Montgomery, who has tattooed the likes of Halsey, Joe Jonas, and Sophie Turner.

With their #tattoosfornow hashtag, the InkBox brand community makes you feel like part of the family when members submit photos of their freshly applied tattoos to be featured on the brand’s website and social channels. 

Tattoos? YOLO - No more. Inkbox is here!
Tattoos? YOLO – No more. Inkbox is here!

The brand says – ‘The values we enjoy most as part of a family are acceptance, openness, trust, and support.’ By tying their community to these values and doing everything they can to live them out, inkbox has built a community that feels safe and inviting–like a family you’re already part of.)

With worldwide shipping and pricing beginning at $14 USD, Inkbox even makes for an affordable and approachable gift.

With 80 percent of the company’s online sales in the United States, 10 percent in Canada, and the rest international, it sells to about 80 different countries.

With a percentage of their customers using Inkbox to test tattoos for possible permanent tattoos, in 2019, Inkbox created a sister brand called Inside Out, which is the company’s permanent side. Located on Queen Street West, along with one of Toronto’s premier shopping destinations, in about 2,500 square feet, you can now get a permanent tattoo at the back of the tattoo studio. The brand has hired Canada’s most Instagram followed tattoo artist Curt Montgomery, yep, that same guy, to run the shop.

As I could feel the sweat off my hands being swiped away, I stretch my fingers out and force my eyes open only to find my dog licking my face, and I realize it was just a dream. 

Check out Inkbox (Website) and Instagram

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