Escaping the horrors of reality: Tata Safari Dicor 2.2

Escaping the horrors of reality: Tata Safari Dicor 2.2

It is not only about how far you can go to do what you always wanted to do and how far you have reached. But more about what lies in between them. The struggle to be able to be nonchalant amidst the chaotic storm of real-life adversities. The dogmas of the societies act as a colossal wall when it comes to walking towards something that you always wanted.

This ad for Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 sublimely shows us the Horrors of Reality. Although the ad has received ‘mixed’ reactions from the viewers and the critics, but definitely shakes the very idea of realism.

It aims directly at your ambitions and challenges your willingness to achieve it. While it shows the goriness of reality, it also propels the viewers to go after what they truly want to achieve in their short-lived life.

Here is what makes this Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 Ad so special:

  • Situation and places

Creators have shot the frames where most of the common people tend to think about their dreams and try to question their struggle of existence: the subways, the office meeting rooms, and hospitals. The majority of the time of a common man gets wasted in such places.

These are places where people are most vulnerable and tensed. Frames of a professional gazing at rain during the meeting, a woman who is stuck in the hospital and another man posing with a surfboard wearing formals – these surely made an impact!

  • Direction and music

This Ad film is directed by famous Bollywood director Abhinay Deo known for his movies such as Delhi Belly and Blackmail. Music is provided by another famous Bollywood music composer, Ram Sampath is known for his numerous compositions.

They both together have indeed created something magical, for sure!

  • Tagline

It says, ‘Reclaim your life.’ Every frame and moment in the film reminds us of how stuck we are in the monotony of life. But in the end, when Safari Dicor enters racing through the dust, it persuades the viewers to breakthrough. It is that moment that instills hope and courage in the viewer’s heart.

TATA Safari was first launched in 1998, and it was an instant hit. Indian market had never witnessed anything like this. In 2005, the car was revamped a little, so TATA needed to come up with something impactful like this ad for them to reinstate the Safari brand back in the market, and it did!

This post has been written by Abhishek Pujar (LinkedIn), who hopes for a day where we get more such heart thrilling ad films and our Safari back!

The views presented in the article represent those of the writer. To submit your article, write to us here.

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