Sony and LEGO Invest in Epic to Create Kid’s Metaverse

Photo by Omar Albeik on Unsplash

With the metaverse frenzy catching up, tech giant Sony, and Kirkbi, the parent company behind Lego group – have invested $1 billion each into Fortnite maker, Epic Games. The funding will help Epic Games further its vision of creating a metaverse in the near future.

The metaverse that Epic Games intends to build with the funding will be aimed at kids and making it safe and fun for them in an immersive digital experience. Also, Sony and Kirkbi will rely on Epic Games’ expertise to create the proposed metaverse. Additionally, Sony will merge its own technologies with Epic’s game engines for the model.

The new metaverse is no child’s play – or maybe it is?

Epic aims to make this new metaverse family-friendly and empower children to become “confident creators.” The trio will put together their expertise to ensure that the game plan is executed keeping the well-being of kids in mind. 

As of now, the companies haven’t revealed what exactly their masterpiece would look like or the launch date. The funding has only been announced but the deal has not been closed so far as it is subject to regulatory approval. 

Biggies betting big on Epic

This is Sony’s second round of investment into Epic Games, following an initial $250 million investment two years ago. Kirkbi’s investment, meanwhile, comes less than a week after the Lego Group announced a long-term partnership with Epic. 

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Sony and Lego invest $2 billion in Epic Games to help build kid’s metaverse.




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