Prototyping a change: Coca-Cola introduces its 1st recyclable paper bottle

Prototyping a change: Coca-Cola introduces its 1st recyclable paper bottle.

Earth, where there are fewer plastics and more things that can be recycled, is a dream to look up to. The world’s most successful multinational beverage company Coca-cola, is taking a big step towards this change through its innovative packaging. 

Stijn Franssen, EMEA R&D Packaging Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola, who is working on the project, says, “Our vision is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled like any other type of paper, and this prototype is the first step on the way to achieving this. A paper bottle opens up a whole new world of packaging possibilities, and we are convinced that paper packaging has a role to play in the future”.

Take a look at the complete concept here.

The new bottle packaging is made of 100% paper aimed at creating a world without plastics. Even though the first prototype still has few amounts of plastic in it, it might require a lot of work to make a fully recycled paper bottle.

Stijn adds, “This first-generation paper bottle prototype still consists of a paper shell with plastic closure and a plastic liner inside. The plastic we use is made from 100% recycled plastic that can be recycled again after use. But our vision is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled like any paper. The next step is to find a solution to create a bottle without a plastic liner.”

Coca-Cola says its goal is to collect and recycle all of their bottles and cans by 2030.

They also put forward the idea of using only recyclable materials in their packaging. They have collaborated with several other manufacturers, including Paboco and the three different companies in the Paboco Pioneer Community.

The company aims for plastic-free and environmentally friendly packaging, and here are few details on their quality and testing.

When a bottle is made, it goes through several measures. When the packaging parameters, which include consumer friendliness and safety, are met, the packaging shall be approved. For making a beverage packaging, it should go through several tests to ensure safety. One of the essential steps among them is to provide the product quality when kept in the refrigerator.

Prototyping a change: Coca-Cola introduces its first paper bottle.
Prototyping a change: Coca-Cola introduces its first paper bottle.

We also reflect on how our consumers will react to this paper bottle. Topics like when and where it could be sold and how it can be recycled are all considered. The bottle must be explored from every perspective to ensure that we make the bottle the best it can be.


Both Stijn and the beverage company are looking forward to optimism to achieve their mission by 2030. Their strong belief in technology is bringing a radical change in packaging methods. It makes us believe that the drinks can be enjoyed more when it creates less breakage in our ecosystem. Stijn and the team are working on their dream project in Brussels, and their prototype is completed and is ready for the next step.

Their continued complex methods in using technology to create a leap in the packaging industry will change the entire marketing and consumerism’s face for Coca-cola.

What are your thoughts about such a sustainable move from Coca-Cola? Let us know in the comments below.

Read the entire Press Release, here.

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