Pink Tax Decoded: Why Women Pay More For Their Products

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Gender bias has gripped supermarket shelves too. While purchasing body care products, many customers may encounter a Pink Tax, a price discrepancy between products intended for use by a man or woman. 

Though hidden, the Pink Tax is very much present – levied by the government. It’s crazy that companies charge more for the “women’s” version of the product— from deodorant to face wash to adult diapers — than similar products marketed to men.

Products for women cost 7% more than the same products made for men. For personal care products, the number could be as high as 13%. Similar “gender pricing” markups of 8% on adult clothing, 4% on children’s clothing, and 7% on toys and accessories were found. 

Further, products marketed as women’s versions in the name of fancy additives or concerns can cost women nearly $1,400 a year. Even salons charge more for women’s haircuts than men’s!

And there you go – the ‘extra’ cost of being a female. It’s bizarre!

So from the supermarket shelves, the Pink Tax has also forayed into electronics.

Logitech has come up with a lineup of PC gaming accessories that are designed to be more gender-inclusive. Named the Aurora collection, it features more fun colors, designs for a wider range of body types, and lower capacity batteries – all at higher prices. 

So basically, Logitech wants to let you know that it now recognizes under-represented groups… the same groups that it has largely ignored for years. 

Females should love their gaming accessories, too – yes, we get that. But why the heavy price tag is the part we don’t understand.

But why is this happening?

 We tried making sense of the pink tax. While some of the markups like intricate women’s clothing (which in turn could make it more expensive to produce and to dry-clean) seem fair, others don’t. 

A pink scooter costlier than a blue one surely doesn’t.

How do you fight it back? 

A call to eliminate the tax is growing louder, with local governments now beginning to intervene. One way to beat the pink tax is to not fall for the pretty pink packaging but go for generic versions instead, especially if the difference or advantage is not huge. 

Buy gender-neutral toys for your daughter and reusable menstrual products. Oh, and it’s totally alright to wear gender-neutral clothes and perfumes. 

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Logitech’s new Aurora gaming accessories are ‘gender-inclusive’ but carry a gender-based price disparity known as Pink tax.




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