Pee Safe is securing our hygiene-related concerns and how!

Pee Safe is securing our hygiene-related concerns and how!

Remember when you had to use a public restroom, and you freaked out after using it? The very idea of using public restroom concepts is scary for women. Questionable hygiene and the massive fear of UTI always stop them from using it. Enter “Pee safe,” a remedy for such troubles.

Srijana Bagaria, with her husband, Vikas Bagaria, the Founder of Pee safe, started this company after a series of experiences and research on this particular social issue. They were determined to find an easy solution to prevent getting caught by UTI after using unhygienic washrooms. That led to the discovery of a Pee Safe Toilet seat sanitizer spray.

Since 2013, this sanitizer has been a staple member in every women’s bag, and amazingly the brand has witnessed a decline in people contracting UTI. Company then started to focus on other hygiene issues faced by women and society.

The Indian brand Pee Safe is a leading daily hygiene brand that creates awareness about feminine hygiene and sanitation.

From the world’s highest-selling Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray to the Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On, Pee Safe intends to transform how the world looks at feminine hygiene.

Pee-safe’s other products include intimate wipes, intimate washes, and other hygiene products like hand washes, products for mothers, and even natural disinfectants for homes. Organic ayurvedic cramp relief oil from Pee safe relieves the low-moderate cramps with just a few gentle strokes on the affected region. Comprising of Ayurvedic ingredients like satva pudina and eucalyptus oil extracts makes periods are pain-free and productive and kicks the cramps away.

Apart from their online store, their products can be bought from Amazon, Flipkart and are also available on Swiggy, Grofers, Dunzo Essential Store, Satva Cart, and Hoipure. AMAZON SMBHAV awarded Pee safe the “Best SMB Brand of the year 2020.” 

“We identified the need for many hygiene essentials and took it upon ourselves to talk about things that are usually hushed in our society. We pride ourselves to be outspoken, bold, courageous, witty, and a personal hygiene expert”, says the company. Pee safe owns 90% of the Toilet sanitizer market and aims to become an INR 1000 crore brand within the next five years.

For sustainable living, avoiding plastic wastes is a crucial step. The plastics used in products like sanitary napkins, panty liners, and other hygienic products are enormous. It not just affects the health of the user but can also create an eco-hazard for the earth. This concern catalyzed the birth of 100% organic sanitary products. The brand is confident that 100% organic cotton and biodegradable pads will be a huge step for the feminine hygiene movement in India.

Sanitary napkins made of organic cotton top and bamboo extract, and tampons and panty liners made of cotton serve as the best option for the user and mother earth, altogether avoiding all kinds of chemical dyes. However, when presenting a brand catering to Indian customers, companies must make sure that they are affordable. While being organic comes with a price that most Indians are confused about paying, Pee Safe’s price point of organic sanitary pads doesn’t seem ‘safe’ for Indian customers. Till then, there is a high chance for people to choose more pocket-friendly products at the cost of the environment.

(The brand did not reply to our price concerns till the time this post was published)

Credits: Pee-Safe Facebook

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