Packing up for Fitness with the WOLVES and Puneet Rao!

Packing up for Fitness with the WOLVES and Puneet Rao!

One of the rapidly evolving industries, which is now adapting at lighting speed to the new pandemic ‘normal,’ is the fitness industry. Indians are still trying to adapt to their WFH (Work from home) lifestyle and interestingly have become health conscious like never before. Many people have started to take note of their daily habits and lifestyle. They have been continuously trying to improve every single day with the help of online fitness routines.

In the noisy Indian fitness industry, which is dependant on gyms and trainers, one person is making Indians believe that the lockdown period is the most incredible time ever to better oneself, both physically and mentally. Since the start of Janta Curfew on March 23rd, 2020, Puneet Rao has risen to the occasion and proved that nothing can stop his success and zeal for inspiring people to get fit!

Sheer dedication, excellent motivation, and proven fitness programs introduced by master Puneet Rao have directly impacted his followers, resulting in impressive mind and body transformations!

In the past 6 months, Rao, who runs his own fitness training programs under the brand, “WOLF,” has gained more than 25,000+ followers on Instagram itself! See it to believe it – Puneet Rao’s WOLF is on Instagram. He also has been part of various talk shows, inspiring people, and getting about 1500+ people to workout online with him every day! 

On a mission to introduce fitness to the world in the simplest way possible, his most famous dialogue, “it’s okay to fall, but don’t give up. Get up again,” has a massive fan base altogether. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he enjoys a different fan base for this soul pumping dialogues. 

Puneet quit his 4-year hotelier profession and has been mastering the art of working out for the past 10 years. While Rao follows his passion for fitness and transforms his clients into happy smiles, it is adorable to catch glimpses of his family that sneak into his live workout sessions. Puneet brings the human factor back into fitness and makes one believe that it isn’t that difficult to integrate mind-body transformation in daily life, that too from home especially in the confusing times that we live in.   

Obviously, BRANDxHOOD fuelled our admiration for Puneet Rao and WOLF further, and we got to know from him, first hand, how he is doing it all and what lies for WOLF in the future! Read on:

BRANDxHOOD: What motivated you to get into the Indian Fitness space in the first place?

PUNEET RAO: The Indian Fitness Space is a complicated space to be in. Before I started working out (10 years ago), I realized that it is not a very approachable space for someone who knows nothing about fitness and working out. As I started working out and studying and reading about fitness, I realized that there is no need to make fitness such a complicated and feared process. It is, in fact, really simple and easy to understand. So my agenda right from day 1 was that I wanted to make fitness as simple and as accessible as possible for anyone who wishes to begin their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. That is also the only objective with which I started my own fitness studio – WOLF.

BRANDxHOOD: How did the pandemic affect WOLF and your clients? How was the overall experience in terms of the subscribers/ new clients?

RAO: When the pandemic hit us, and the lockdown was announced, it was honestly slightly scary as my personal studio was shut. But I knew that I would not be able to sleep peacefully unless I made sure that my wolf family was moving. I was taking online classes for many years anyway, so that was the first thing that popped into my mind. The only thing was I wanted to take this one Step higher, in terms of the people I can reach. Instagram, luckily, is the best platform to reach out to 1000s of people. I am currently coaching over 2000 wolves. Trust me when I say over these months, they have become a part of my family. I cannot ever leave them, and I’ve come to realize that they have been my most significant support system since this lockdown. I am forever grateful for the faith they have shown through this virtual world. So lockdown for me and for WOLF has been a blessing in disguise, and I want to continue to add value to as many lives as I can.

BRANDxHOOD: If there is one thing you could tell the people who want to get started on their fitness journey but are self-conscious about themselves, what would it be?

RAO: To be honest, there is no ‘real’ answer to this question. I would just suggest that stop thinking, start doing. There is no point in thinking about starting your fitness journey. You just have to start. Not today, not tomorrow, but NOW. And the only reason anyone is self-conscious is that you are spending too much time thinking about what others think of you. Stop that immediately. The only person whose opinion should matter is YOU. You need to learn to be your own best friend and your own hype squad. That’s the only way to begin not just your fitness journey, but that’s how to need to approach anything in life. 

BRANDxHOOD: Who would you consider to be your biggest superpower? 

RAO: My superpower, I believe, is my own subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind controls a lot of what we do and how we act, and of course, the way we think influences our behavior and body. That’s all that anyone needs to know. 

BRANDxHOOD: What’s next for WOLF and Puneet?

RAO: The only thing I know right now is that I want to continue expanding my wolf community on virtual platforms. I keep seeing their posts and stories. My wolfpack is also busy inspiring 100s out there to start moving, and nothing makes me happier. I am hoping I can open my studio soon once the government allows for it. Let’s see how that plays out. But for now, I am happy where I am and taking it one day at a time and keep working towards my main objective of simplifying fitness.

With two new fitness programs launched by Puneet, starting October 2020, there is nothing stopping the WOLF clan from helping you unlock your inner strength to its fullest!

1. @wolvesreloaded (Instagram) – An intermediate to an advanced level fitness program for everyone who wants to push their limits to become the best version of themselves (A pair of dumbbells and a long loop resistance band needed).

2. @getsetwolf2.0 (Instagram) – A beginner-level program for everyone and anyone who is not afraid to take the first step towards a healthier life & for those who know that little progress each day adds up to big results.

As Rao says, “Take that first step,” what are you waiting for then? Sign up to join the WOLVES, here.

This post is powered by BRANDxHOOD and written by Sudarshan Gurram (LinkedIn), an ex-Amazonian, Omni Channel, and E-Commerce enthusiast who is currently working in Partnerships and Franchise operations, Pepperfry.

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