Metro Walks In With Buzzy NFT Sneakers To India

Photo by Biion

India’s leading footwear specialty retailer, Metro Brands Limited (MBL), has struck a strategic partnership with the Canada-based footwear company, Biion to bring their sassy footwear collection to India. 

But this isn’t just any sneaker we’re talking about, but something ‘out of this world.’ 

For starters, the premium footwear collection is gender-neutral and can be as easily paired with a contemporary formal wardrobe as with chic party attire. 

The lightweight, comfortable, and multi-functional EVA shoes are airy with little BioVents and have anti-microbial properties making them ideal for professionals who need to be on their feet for long hours. 

No more smelly feet – phew!

Plus, their HEXTRA-GRIP traction outsoles provide an extremely low-profile performance, offering the ultimate connection to the ground with just the right balance.

The fashionable shoes are designed for the high-performance lifestyle of the ‘Professional Leisure-ist’.

Pssst…Someone needs to be on their toes (Read: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok).

Star-studded shoes

Biion is a much sought-after brand among celebs worldwide, having collaborated with stars like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Marks, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, Shaggy, and Sonu Nigam from India. 

The brand also launched the Batman signature collection for fans. 

It’s not a shoe, it’s a collectible!

This April, Biion entered the Metaverse with 2 limited edition shoes in collaboration with popular art NFT Doodles. 

222 pairs of digital BiionxNFT Doodles tokenized on Polygon Blockchain were released. 

This wasn’t just a digital asset but something much more real – anyone purchasing the digital art was to receive a physical pair of the shoe as a gift with the NFT art at a mint price of $166.

Already excited? So are we!

Get your hands on Biion footwear at the top retail stores of Metro and Mochi and their e-commerce site.

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Metro Brands Limited brings Canadian-based footwear brand, Biion to its Indian retail stores of Metro and Mochi as well as its e-commerce site.




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