McDonald’s | How a brand is maintaining its huge global branding prowess

McDonald's | How a brand is maintaining its global branding prowess

McDonald’s has undoubtedly been one of the most recognized brands when it comes to QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) worldwide.

With its worldwide presence in more than 38,000 locations, here are three ways that make McDonald’s branding so successful!

  • Keeping it simple

With its ever famous logo consisting of the Golden Arches and red background, the brand is instantly recognizable. Its catchy slogan and jingle of “I’m lovin’ it.” used for the brand’s advertising campaigns are family-friendly and invokes positive sentiment. 

Their easy-to-ready and quick-to-order menu has allowed the brand to create a particular reputation for themselves. People like to eat there because their branding is a lot like their menu- simple and easy.

True, the biggest reason McDonald’s is such a famous brand is due to its sheer simplicity. 

McDonald’s always aims to tailor its message to the audience and can be found to be consistent with their promotions. 

By ensuring simplicity in their communication, the brand happens to be recalled as memorable, exciting, repetitive, and fun. 

  • Personalizing their Audience

A bestselling meal in America won’t prove to rake in the same numbers in Europe. For a business to succeed in multiple countries, the brand needs to be instantly recognizable and flexible enough to appeal to different cultures. 

With the creation of Happy Meals and the iconic figure of Ronald McDonald, it’s been clear for decades that McDonald’s has been marketed towards children. As the years have gone by, McDonald’s has proved that it has worked well.

Tailoring advertisements towards specific demographics is one of McDonald’s main branding strategies. 

In Japan, McDonald’s is called ‘Makudonarudo’ (マクドナルド), a more relevant and attractive sound in Japanese. The name is adjusted for the katakana, the appropriate Japanese script for foreign words to better adapt to local culture.

Another example is how the drink sizes and fries are much smaller than those in the US, and burgers are a bit lower, too, to suit eating habits. McDonald’s ensures the correct sizes before exporting for international target markets.

🌟 (Read how McDonald’s amongst other brands are endorsing Social Distancing in times of COVID, here.) 🌟

McDonald’s has gotten its marketing and branding campaigns right across the globe, which has only served to make the brand even more reliable.

  • Standardizing products and services

McDonald’s feeds millions of customers every day (pre-pandemic figures) around the globe. With such a vast customer base, how can a brand adapt and market itself to its audience while maintaining strong branding? One word – uniformity!

Despite its geographic spread, the brand is very consistent, with strong attention to detail. This ensures that the brand values are applied globally. With a strong focus on experimentation, the brand carried out the addition and deletion of food from menus according to the latest consumer trends and local popularity.

No matter where you are, this uniformity factor will always be why you are served an iconic Big Mac or even a Happy Meal!

We recommend watching the film “The Founder,” starring Michael Keaton, which depicts the true story of Ray Kroc and his hand in the eventual rise of the McDonald’s brand. From the Big Mac’s journey to the creation of those infamous Golden Arches, the film delivers on providing insight into how McDonald’s became the worldwide phenomenon it still is today. 

Even amid the politics involved in commerce and negative press produced by competition, McDonald’s is still thriving and has a robust international brand, and now you know why!

Picture Credits: Official Facebook Page

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