Le Rouge Français pioneers a bio perspective for lipsticks

Le Rouge Français pioneers a bio perspective for lipsticks

With the increasing awareness about environment-friendly cosmetics especially lipsticks, with a strong focus on organic formulations, Le Rouge is acting as a breath of fresh air. The brand is known for its 100% vegan formulated products, including lipsticks to nail varnish. 

Le Rouge Français, famous for its ethical beauty products, has recently added a new bio-based recyclable case for its lipsticks.

These recyclable cases are made using the materials they have collected on their own and certified by ECOCERT guidelines. “A very simple mechanism makes it possible to remove the refill from the case and to insert another one with the desired color before applying it. A single case can therefore be used to accommodate all Le Rouge Français lipstick shades,” explains the brand. 

How about taking a sneak peeks into a new paradigm of cosmetics? Le Rouge, the winner of the Cosmebio Cosm’Ethique 2019 competition, is widely famous for its alternative and innovative compositions. The brand offers products with pigments directly derived from plants cultivated locally in Sri Lanka and Amazon with communities’ help.

“We do not use beeswax, animal fats, carmine or animal leather, for example. We have introduced into our development innovative alternatives, such as plant-based rice bran, candelilla, and carnauba waxes. Humans and non-humans are given equal respect, which is a critical ethical tenet of the Maison LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS”, says the brand.

Mineral pigments such as Titanium Dioxide and Micas, which are even found in the organic products we use, are obtained from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are non-renewable and are rapidly decreasing in this modern world, mined in controversial conditions.”

With vegan and cruelty-free as the catchphrase, the ethical company has decided to ban micas and titanium dioxide in their products even though they make up the majority pigments in cosmetics. They say – “Our endeavor limits our choice of pigments to those offered by Nature. We also have more limited color options and more significant regulatory constraints than most traditional makeup brands. But establishing out of our carefully considered philosophy!”

About the brand

Le Rouge Français was born from the will to preserve conventional lipsticks’ sensory properties without giving up on the naturalness consumers want. Known for their vegan formulas, the products are 100% natural, including 95% certified organic ingredients and botanical pigments, using rice wax rather than beeswax and fig pigments.

Today a collection of 15 lipstick shades, entirely made from botanical pigments, is available. The company is all set for establishing itself as the world’s best botanical-based cosmetic brand and is already in the making of new lip care products, blush, mascara, and eyeliner. The company was taken over with a minor stake by L’Occitane Group in 2019 and has raised one million euros for its international establishments.

Credits: Le Rouge Français Website

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