Keeping It ‘Real’ And ‘Clean’ is Realme’s Secret Sauce For Winning Indian Hearts

Keeping It ‘Real’ And ‘Clean’ is Realme’s Secret Sauce For Winning Indian Hearts
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The chip-shortage issue that was plaguing the smartphone industry is easing up this year. But at a time when things looked bleak, Realme took a leap of faith in India. The smartphone maker decided to buy processors from a relatively unknown Shanghai manufacturer to be able to keep churning out new handset models when manufacturers like Qualcomm were drained out.

The move was followed by 2 green flags. One, it helped the Chinese upstart brand to boost sales and reach the 3rd position in the fast-growing market with about 600 million smartphone users. Only Samsung and Xiaomi were able to sell more devices in the latest quarter, and Realme was not far behind.

Two, Realme opened its world’s first offline flagship store in Ahmedabad on June 1. The store is said to transform the tech experience of visitors and is currently in trial operation. The company’s products and offerings, including smartphones, televisions, AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) devices, dolls as well as leisure areas, are displayed at this store. 

Trusting The Numbers

As per the Canalys report, Realme shipped 6 million units, 40% on a year-on-year basis in Q1 this year, and currently commands 16% of India’s smartphone market by shipment volumes. The company’s Vice President, Chase Xu, said that the global sales target would be lowered by about 10-20%. Strange, but probably a part of a bigger plan?

Clean Play

Realme has managed to sail smoothly in stark contrast with its larger rivals in terms of coming clean and escaping the government crackdown on Chinese companies

This year, Xiaomi was hanging by the neck when it got busted in an illicit act of money laundering by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).  

Then there was US smartphone maker Apple, which had to wrestle with the government for years just to open retail stores in the country. The company was also threatened by the Indian government with legal action over its anti-spam initiative. 

Seems like Realme knows how to play the ‘real game,’ doesn’t it?

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Realme has cracked the Indian smartphone market amidst unrest that its rivals faced under government scrutiny; sees a Y-o-Y growth of 40% last quarter.




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