Juru Cork Yoga Mat: Nama-slay your way to zen life!

Juru Cork Yoga Mat: Nama-slay your way to zen life! ft. Cult Fit

Product: Juru Cork Yoga Mat

Brand: Juru Yoga

BrandxHood worthy:

  • Made from European cork and natural rubber from Kerala, both being natural and renewable ensure no harm to trees making the yoga mat naturally resilient, low maintenance, and durable
  • PVC-free resources and food-grade coloring makes the mat non-toxic, robust, renewable & recyclable making them environmentally friendly giving the user a holistic experience
  • It is anti-slip allowing you to perfect your asanas while the cork with its suberin (a waxy substance) allows the mat to remain odorless promoting a healthy and clean surface for your yoga practice, no matter how much you sweat

Price: INR 2500/-

Availability: Juru Yoga website

Product Link : https://www.juruyoga.com/product/juru-mandala-cork-mats/

Picture Credits: Official Facebook Page | Instagram

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