How youth is inspiring India with home businesses during the pandemic

How Youth is inspiring India with home businesses during the pandemic

Amidst the pandemic, small towns and cities are witnessing a surge in the home food business. The hotels and restaurants remaining closed at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic gave birth to new entrepreneurs in the food business. Soon, it became a massive trend among food lovers.

Kerala, a state in India, is known for its cuisines and delicacies. Many homemakers and foodies started their home-based food businesses during this pandemic. It began growing with the increase in the number of customers who love eating homemade food. It was a significant concern among food lovers to go out during the spread of COVID 19. Still, with these businesses’ arrival, their cravings are satisfied.

These home businesses are being promoted through their social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. With home deliveries, it ensures hygiene and protection. We sat down with such businesses and got to know what pushes them to serve the best.

Sister’s Kitchen (Instagram) is a Kannur – Kerala based food business started by Mashooq and run by his four sisters Shabana, Shameema, Shafeera, and Shahalath.

BRANDxHOOD: How is your experience with the customers? Are you ready to continue this journey even after the pandemic?

Sister’ Kitchen: We were glad that we finally started this venture. We got to know more about people’s taste buds through this journey, and it was wonderful to cater to them. We are delighted that we could serve them with good quality food. It is indeed an excellent experience for us, and we intend to continue serving people with our delicacies.

Sisters Kitchen became a trendsetter throughout Kerala, making them one of the most successful home-based businesses started during COVID-19. Customer satisfaction is the key to success and their scrumptious Foccacias and Kunafas prove it all. These sisters won the heart of people at Kannur through their finger smacking recipes and excellent services.

BRANDxHOOD: What inspired you to start “Bhaskers”-the online baking store? 

Krishnaprasad:  Basically, “The Bhaskar’s” was found by my Granddad during late 1960 and was pretty popular all around Calicut, Kerala. The bakery was going placidly without a hitch until 2018; we had to take it down due to some issues. With @the_bhaskar’s, I’m attempting to take up the bequest. I know I won’t be able to give 100% of what they used to provide. Still, I’m trying to make it up like they used to.

Krishnaprasad is heading, The Bhaskers (Instagram), an online baking business. He is currently a student at IHM, Mumbai. He has taken up this initiative to spread happiness through the cakes he delivers. He is determined to take up the legacy of his family business. He is also aspiring to make his signatures in this business and the delish cakes are here to bring a smile to your sweet buds!

It is inspiring to see strong and independent entrepreneurs striving to bring happiness to people and embrace joy regardless of the world’s current state. To see young women being part of ventures is the real empowerment India needs to witness. They fan an act that hundreds of Indian women started their own business during these challenging times. It is the motivation our nation needs.

Apart from the food business, young women in Kerala have also started many other home-based businesses, including delivering custom-made journals, gift hampers, and indoor plant decors. Their promotions are done widely through social media and can be purchased online. Cinnamon (Instagram) a vintage handmade journal business, is one of these online retailing shops. It’s been run by three students from Kerala who started this venture at the beginning of the pandemic. They are doing wonders with their beautiful hand designs and are prevalent on social media platforms.

When women and young men like them take up roles as entrepreneurs in this changing world, they do not just change our socio-economic status but also make a tremendous difference in society’s perspectives.

Do you also know about such businesses doing well? Let us know in the comments below.

This post is written by Gaury K (Instagram), an art enthusiast, who is currently pursuing Int. Msc. Physics at Pondicherry University.

The views presented in the article represent those of the writer. To submit your article, write to us here.

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