How About an NFT With Your Frappuccino?

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Coffee giant Starbucks has plans to enter the web3 space with the launch of its own NFT collection later this year. The digital collectables will provide their owners with access to exclusive content experiences and other benefits.


Starbucks touted its plans to investors explaining how the burgeoning technology of non-fungible tokens can boost the brand’s concept of the “third place” – a “warm and welcome place” that’s neither home nor work, where people can “connect and build community.”

In-Line With Green Goals

The company will host its NFT community on an “environmentally sustainable” web3 platform. So far, there’s no indication as to what sort of blockchain technology would be involved but is likely to be “multi-chain” or “chain agnostic.”

Doubling Up

What would the debut set of NFTs look like? Who is designing them? What sort of membership features would it provide? Starbucks has been hush-hush about these details, so we don’t have much here!

But what we do know is – these digital collectables won’t just be bought and sold in a speculative way, but actually, double up as an access pass for customers to offer them exclusive experiences and perks designed around coffee art and storytelling. 

The coffee chain is also on the lookout for a new CEO to take on the reins – someone who understands the potential of these emerging technologies – said current interim CEO Howard Schultz.

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Starbucks to launch NFTs this year, offering access to unique experiences and benefits and aligned to its environmentally sustainable commitments on web3 platform




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