H&M is LOOOP’ing in a new normal in sustainable fashion

H&M is LOOOP’ing in a new normal in sustainable fashion

“Looop”- the new garment-to-garment recycling system introduced by H&M is a revolutionary step towards a better future. The retailer store became the first to introduce the technique of using old garments to form new ones. Compared to other recycling processes, Looop avoids the usage of water and chemicals, making it suitable for a sustainable environment. H&M introduced this new system to the public through its Stockholm store on October 12.

“We are constantly exploring new technology and innovations to help transform the fashion industry as we are working to reduce the dependency on virgin resources. Getting customers on board is key to achieving real change and we are so excited to see what Looop will inspire.”

Pascal Brun, Head of Sustainability at H&M.

In 2013, H&M started collecting garments, but now they aim that by 2030, all their materials are either recycled or made from a sustainable method. People can recycle any brands at their store, which is claimed to be one of its perks.

H&M is also offering its 100 customers, in the loyalty club, to use the system and make their old garments into brand new favorites! Yes, they are not letting the non-members miss out on anything too. Non-members can use the system with a payment of 150 Swedish Kronor.

The non-profit H&M Foundation developed the system with The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA); the process consists of 8 carefully curated steps – Cleaning, Shredding, Filtering, Carding, Drawing, Spinning, Twisting, and Knitting.

The mega fashion brand believes – “The launch of Looop isn’t just a glimpse of fashion’s future. It’s a reminder to treat all clothes as a resource. Nothing’s too tattered or torn to be recycled — and no clothes should ever end up in the trash. Recycling is also super-important for circular fashion to work. Unless people bring their old garments back into the system, there’d be no clothes to make new ones out of.”

Looop indeed marks the onset of a new era in which being fashion-forward and being too close to the environment can finally mean the same thing.

With the help of their “mechanical shredding” method, it avoids even dye that can harm the environment in the long run. The system uses yarn from sustainably sourced material, giving the cloth it’s required strength. Loop is a baby step in the fight against climate change. When the same old cotton gets utilized for a new cotton shirt, growing a new cotton plant is avoided. HKRITA is set to give the technology license, not just at H&M but all across the industry. A massive change can happen only when all other retailers like H&M take this step, and hopefully, in the coming years, with the help of HKRITA, customers worldwide will be able to witness this. This circular fashion introduced through Looop catalyzes a normal in both the industry and in our world.

More information on LOOOP can be accessed, here.

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