Google, Meta – Beware of Amazon’s Roaring New Ad Move

Google And Meta - Beware of Amazon’s Roaring New Ad Move

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We’re glad Amazon is back on track after facing that little hiccup in the RIL-FRL spat. The e-commerce giant made its comeback with the launch of its ‘Smart Commerce’ move to support small businesses in India

Next up, Amazon’s newest advertisement team is going to be Google and Meta’s latest nightmare. The new Local Ads division could be a boon to small businesses, a major charm offensive to convince advertisers that it can do more than just drive purchases, and a blow to the competitor duopoly.

What’s cooking? 

Amazon is wasting no time boosting its presence at major ad industry events. The online retailer is going all-in this time to win over advertisers in contrast to its earlier low-key approach. It has quietly begun hiring for roles in the new team.

Life is large; make it larger

Amazon’s burgeoning ad business has already raked in $31 billion, just behind juggernauts Google and Facebook. And now, the number’s about to get bigger as the latest segment is set to widen the business.

Trivia: So Amazon’s 2021 ad profits alone were worth more than 6 times what Twitter’s entire platform pulled in that year. You could pay off the medical bills of almost 2.5 million Americans with that much money! Insane, right?

While local ads seem to be a new gambit to eat more of its rival’s lunches, Amazon is also ogling at this year’s Cannes Lions in France for some paparazzi. It plans to rent out an entire “port” next to the main Palais theater to host meetings, panel sessions, morning workouts, evening soirées, and a “can’t-miss concert” from LCD Soundsystem. 

Fancy? Wait for it.

A “Twitch Apartment” will be located at a two-minute stroll away along La Croisette for advertisers to share a glass of rosé with its own execs and creators. We’re already starstruck, Amazon!

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Amazon is betting on local advertising business in a blow to rivals Meta and Google; will make its 1st ever public-facing presence at Cannes Lions in France this year.




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