Excess Energy And Can’t Contain It – Nepal Exports Surplus Electricity To India

Photo by Rahul Pabolu on Unsplash

All hail to the Rain Gods, Nepal has started exporting surplus electricity to India from Thursday. Buoyed by continuous rainfall this year, our neighbour’s hydropower plants have been producing excess electricity from the elevated water levels in the Himalayan rivers.

This is the 2nd year in a row that Nepal is selling electricity to India through its exchange market. 

A Current Affair

Nepal has started exporting 39 MW of electricity to India from midnight on Thursday. State-owned Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) went on to acquire permission to sell an additional 144 MW of electricity from the Kaligandaki Hydro project and was able to export additional power from Saturday. 

And how much would that be, Neighbour?

It’s no secret that India is facing an energy crisis due to a shortage of coal and its skyrocketing prices globally. 

As for the electricity import from Nepal, the average price of electricity has been maintained at Rs. 6/unit. The NEA has already made around Rs.10 million by selling electricity since last Thursday.

Last month, it invited bids from Indian companies to sell its 200MW surplus energy in the upcoming monsoon season. The export activity will continue until mid-November and based on the existing arrangements, Nepal can earn up to NPR 14 billion (~8,73,55,83,000 INR) from the Indian market over the next 5.5 month period.

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Nepal starts exporting surplus electricity to India for the 2nd year in a row, owing to continuous rainfall this year. 




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