Employers Plead To End WFH; Employees, Disagree

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The workforce around the globe has settled in the remote environment so comfortably that they are now resisting the call to get back to office premises.

As the world is returning to normalcy, India Inc is now facing subtle pushbacks in getting its workforce back to the office. Even global giants like Starbucks are struggling with the same. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said he has been “unsuccessful” in getting employees to return to the office, whose eligible non-retail staffers are currently offered hybrid and remote work options.

We’ve got to admit – WFH did have its own perks. For one, one could sit comfortably tucked in their pajamas in meetings. They admittedly saved quite some money which they could invest elsewhere, not to mention – the added family time. 

But now that employees are acting all stubborn and not ready to give up remote mode, there had to be something that employers had to do. 

And so, Infosys brought the office to their home instead of vice versa. The IT giant is setting up 4 new offices in tier II cities (Coimbatore, Vizag, Noida, and Kolkata) since almost 60% of the young talent have gone back to their hometowns – thus, opening an opportunity to attract and retain employees from across the country.

Employees revolting against companies for return-to-work policies is a global phenomenon, including at large tech firms like Apple. The Great Resignation at Mumbai-based startup WhiteHat Jr after it asked its employees to return to office, had put the spotlight on the same problem.

A study (Nasscom-BCG, 2021) found that 70% of IT companies were trying to make the hybrid model work effectively. However, as many as 6 out of every 10 employees who responded were prepared to quit their jobs instead of returning to the office. 

Seems like employers have to give more candy than this to get workers back.

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Employers like India Inc, Starbucks struggle to get workforce to return to office; meanwhile, Infosys opens new offices in tier-II cities to retain the younger talent who have gone back to hometowns.




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