Celebrating magical festivity with Oorjaa’s sustainable lights and lamps

Celebrating magical festivity with Oorjaa's sustainable lights and lamps

BRANDxHOOD is presently on a mission of discovering the best of India’s #vocalforlocal, and this time, we, fortunately, stumbled upon “Oorjaa“.

An exploration of light that reflects the brand’s love of material, craftsmanship, and sustainable living, Oorjaa has an evolving range of lamps for retail and custom lighting solutions for commissioned spaces and projects. Oorjaa (Energy in English), an artisanal studio is creating thoughtful products that comes alive with the inimitable individuality of the artisan. 

We subtract the superfluous, in both our aesthetic and our methods, evolving designs that are easy on the eye and the environment.

Oorjaa, in conversation with BRANDxHOOD

Led by Jenny Pinto, who started Bangalore’s first handmade paper studio in 1998, and Radeesh Shetty of The Purple Turtles, Oorjaa is present both online and as SIS (Shop-In-Shop) brand in 9 locations, pan-India.

Oorjaa boasts of 8+ collections ranging from “Dori, “that explore the nuances of textile techniques in the paper, to “Uncork,” harvested from tree bark that regenerates every nine years! From lokta and banana fiber paper to upcycled cork and quarry waste, molding these natural elements into design beauty adds unimagined dimensions to texture, color, form, and light!

As one of the first artisanal paper studios in the country, the brand has learned their craft through a journey of discovery. From just two people and exciting forays into papermaking, they have grown into a family of 35 artisans and 3 designers today, lighting up homes, hotels, art installations, and more. 

With the belief that the world needs thoughtful consumers who look beyond the material into the cultural, environmental, and human aspects of a product, there is constant innovation at Oorjaa with materials that contribute to a vision of a sustainable future.

Along the way, they have been joined by people who share their curiosity of material and passion for creating not just lamps but spaces that glow from within. 

‘How we make is as important as what we make’ is exquisitely reflected in the natural swirls of leaves as a table lamp and in the oxide reflecting the hues of natural light from dawn to dusk.

The brand video wins our hearts by showing us the essence of the products – the artisans. With thoughtful FAQs’ on the website empowering the consumer to be proud of their choices and the endless scroll of before-after pictures of the products in action, we don’t know what we should rave about.  

Oorjaa believes that ‘Future is Handmade,’ and with such branding execution and design brilliance, we couldn’t agree more!

You can shop online at Oorjaa.in | Facebook | Instagram

BRANDxHOOD wishes you seasons greetings and a very happy Diwali!

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