Luxury brand Burberry’s first social store is set to wow you!

Luxury brand Burberry's first social store is set to wow you!

Spanning 5,800 sq. ft and located in the new Shenzhen Bay MixC development, in China, the new Burberry store concept features ten rooms offering a truly interactive experience. In partnership with the tech conglomerate Tencent, these experience-driven concepts are digitally centric brick and mortar stores looking to target the already digitally savvy customers.

In its press release, Burberry explained how they wanted to create “a space of exploration, designed to inspire and entertain luxury customers, where they can interact with our brand and product in new and exciting ways, in person and on social media.”

Here are the features of this store:

Social Currency

The concept is simple: the more the customer engages with Burberry, the richer their experience becomes. Customers earn rewards through the Burberry social currency feature, which helps them unlock exclusive content and personalized experiences curated for each shopper. Rewards for the shoppers range from exclusive café menu items to mini-program content.

The Trench Experience

The Trench Experience is an exclusive space that shoppers can unlock as they build their social currency. “The Trench Experience,” celebrates the signature Burberry Trench coat. A Trench Experience room, part of efforts to highlight Burberry’s heritage, is designed as a digitally immersive journey through nature. Shoppers can create unique and personal content that can also be shared on social media. 

QR Codes

It’s the first Burberry store to include scannable QR codes on product swing tags, adding a digital layer of discovery. Using QR codes, customers can find the latest collections and seasonal products and discover items exclusive to the store. All products are labeled with QR codes that connect to digital screens. Upon scanning the code, one can unlock additional content and product storytelling within the mini-program, contributing to building social currency. 

Thomas Café

Thomas’s Cafe, named after the fashion house’s founder, Thomas Burberry – takes inspiration from the creative codes, including high-gloss tones of beige, layered curtains chamfered mirroring. Apart from complementing the store well, it also serves as a dedicated space for the Burberry community to connect.

The café is designed as a community space for activities, talks, workshops, exhibitions, and live performances, with bookings made through the mini program. The menu infuses English and Chinese tea culture with playful and modern fusion elements. The Cafe also allows shoppers to unlock new menu items.

WeChat Mini Program

Burberry, in collaboration with Tencent, created content for shoppers to unlock on the go. The program includes store tours, product information, in-store appointment bookings, events, and table reservations at the in-store Thomas’ Cafe. It’s a “bespoke digital companion, tailored to enhance the way customers experience the store, whether they are there physically or virtually.” 

Experiential store 

When shoppers enter this store, they witness an interactive window, marking the digital experience’s beginning. Inspired by the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2020 runway show Memories’s mirrored runway, a living sculpture reflects the viewer’s shape and responds to their body movements. It also leads to creating a unique digital experience for the shopper, which can then be shared virtually with friends and followers. 

The window evolves through the seasons to reflect the latest collections and house codes. The store houses three fittings rooms, each with its creative concept, drawing on Burberry’s house codes: the Burberry Animal Kingdom, Reflections, and the Thomas Burberry Monogram. 

The fitting rooms are designed to celebrate the experience of trying on Burberry products, with each room equipped with a dedicated library of playlists to listen to. Customers can pre-book their preferred room through the mini program.

Also, all products in the store are labeled with QR codes that connect to digital screens, further enhancing the in-store experience. The new location takes interactions from social media and brings them into a physical retail environment. 

Burberry also said the new store “is a unique space to test and learn, and to trial innovation that can be expanded to the rest of the network in China.” The new concept allows Burberry to execute its transformation strategy while moving further upmarket and embracing tech innovation to make it stand out from the luxury crowd.

Credits: Burberry website

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