Brewing the Protein Punch: Amul Launches New Protein Products

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Indian dairy giant, Amul has forayed into expanding its portfolio of protein products, starting with the recently-launched Amul Protein Lassi and Amul Protein Buttermilk (Chhas). The push to develop this special category comes after there was a rise in the post-covid health-conscious consumer class. 

Amul marketer, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF), is developing these products which carry a protein that is isolated from liquid whey, derived as a by-product from the cheese manufacturing process.

Protein Power for All

Jayen Mehta, COO, GCMMF, stated that these protein-rich products will be suitable for all including fitness freaks, elderly, pregnant women and children which have been developed using a special technology.

Dairy Buzz

Social media was set abuzz as consumers rated the new Amul products. Consumers believe that Amul’s whey-derived protein drinks are a way more convenient way to fulfil daily protein necessities, rather than whey protein supplement which is mostly imported in India and is highly expensive.

The D2C model has been adopted and the new products are available for sale on Amul’s website, Amul Protein.

Road Ahead

Over the next few months, Amul envisages a complete range of protein products including high protein shakes, protein water, protein yoghurt, protein cookies, protein ice cream and chocolate. 

Amul is also planning to set up a dedicated plant for protein products and aims to gain a large market share of this segment with its innovative and premium product range. 

Too long? Here’s one-liner: Amul adds a protein twist to its products, starting with Amul Protein Lassi and Amul Protein Buttermilk (Chhas); consumers are already loving it.




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