Breaking bread with BreadTalk

Breaking bread with BreadTalk

BreadTalk has revolutionized the culture of bread consumption where shopping for bread was unheard of.

Founded in 2000, BreadTalk is a brand from Singapore that is successful for its continuous zeal to learn, experiment, innovate, and create. BreadTalk has a unique brand positioning since its inception. It has projected itself as a professionally run business. The products being sold therein are a fusion of traditional bakery favorites.

Innovation & Experiential Retail

Product innovation and creativity remain the core of their business. BreadTalk is protective of its brand by how they are very particular about the ingredients. For example, Japanese-milled flour is imported for the products while the store does three bakes in a day.

BreadTalk regularly undergoes an innovative retail concept to always entertain the customers with a new bread shopping experience. The stores have an open kitchen to encourage customers with an experiential shopping experience. The stores have found their way into malls across the world.

With a culture of creative differentiation imbibed in the brand, BreadTalk strives to stay fresh by continually adapting itself to consumer demand to remain relevant to them. They do it by offering localized and customized products with something for everyone.

BreadTalk brings customers the best range of products every six months in line with seasonal trends, social events, and festivals. Their R&D (Research and Development) team collaborates with international consultants from Japan, France, Germany, Taiwan, and Spain. This in-house Research and Development (R&D) team strikes culinary magic for thousands of unique and original bread recipes. All this, which includes premium natural ingredients, baking artistry, and modern technology – brings together the best of Asian and Western influences.

For instance, BreadTalk outlets sold rocket-shaped products to celebrate China’s first astronaut in space and panda-shaped products to raise funds for the Sichuan earthquake victims.

Operational Excellence

In its first year of operations, the brand received over 1,000 inquiries for franchising opportunities. These were from companies in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

The company had built a culture of continually engaging with customers and developing innovative products with a unique blend of Asian and European flavors that would excite them. The challenge was to keep this momentum going.

In 2003, BreadTalk opened its first overseas outlet in Jakarta, Indonesia, and met a successful hit with monthly sales touching SG$300,000, higher than the revenue per store.

The brand’s fresh breads, appealing product range, and localized flavors established itself as one of the top three best performing tenants in Shanghai’s prestigious Raffles City.

Today, BreadTalk’s exemplary network and the team has spread its wings from Singapore to locales across Asia and the Middle East. The business growth is fuelled by strong relationships and professional expertise in the F&B sector.

There are about 900 existing outlets across key markets such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East. India became the 18th territory where the brand has opened an outlet.

In India, BreadTalks is dominating Delhi NCR with four outlets in DLF Mall of India, Noida, DLF Cyberhub, DLF Galleria Market and Select City Walk, Saket.

The brand’s global network of estate managers, procurement supply chains, and international partners deliver a competitive edge to expand its footprints in strategic locations.

Every Bread Talks

BreadTalk, today is a part of customer’s daily lifestyle, wherever they are, by having built strong relationships with local networks, especially in China.

BreadTalk is now a brand that has turned Singapore’s humble bakery business into an international lifestyle concept.

From delicious loaves of bread to delectable cakes and pastries that delight, every bread has a story to tell – quirky, humorous, and conveys BreadTalk’s value of enjoying life to the fullest.

BreadTalk believes every bread has a ‘life’ and every bread talks. We sure agree! Don’t you?

Picture Credits: BreadTalk India Facebook Page

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