Brands changing logos to endorse social distancing: Yay or Nay?

Brands changing logos to endorse social distancing: Yay or Nay? ft. Mastercard

In times of COVID with social distancing being everyone’s savior, brands are having a difficult time advertising their support for the same.

While some suggest that brands playing around with their creatives allow them to build stronger connections and empathy with their patrons, others find this to be sympathy and profits seeking measure in the time of a pandemic.

With the saturation levels existing in today’s market with everyone trying to bombard their customers with digital communication, using such empathic creatives to help brands occupy solid mindshare. Not only does this provide value to the audience, but also leads to higher engagement and recall.

A note to the brands: your ads are bound to be successful if you don’t get sales-y about them and instead show your customers that you indeed are in the people business and standing in solidarity with them.

What do you think about brands changing their logos in support of social distancing? Let us know your thoughts by participating in the poll!

Picture Credits: Brands’ Website and Official Facebook Pages

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