Battle of the Consoles: Playstation Plus Gets a New Makeover

Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

To keep up with competitor Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony is all set to launch an all-new avatar of PlayStation Plus subscription service. The revamped PlayStation Plus will be put to sea in June this year. It will include 700+ games and other new features. 

To begin with, the electronics giant is combining its PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscription services into one. This upgraded service will be officially called PlayStation Plus and will be available in three tiers to members around the globe, starting with Asia at first and gradually expanding to other nations. 

Let’s break it down for you. Starting from the lowest to the top tier: PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and finally at the top we have PlayStation Plus Premium which covers everything in the Essential and Extra suites.

Apparently, this move by Sony comes as a response to Microsoft’s popular Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Game Pass is sometimes viewed as the “Netflix for games,” owing to its high compatibility with most devices such as phones, PC or Xbox consoles via the cloud. 

To take over this, Sony said its PS Plus Premium service would let users stream games to their PC as well as the PS4 and PS5, leaving out mobile phone compatibility.

The good news: PS Plus Premium comes with a Try Before You Buy feature that allows players to try some games for a limited time before they decide to purchase them.

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Sony set to launch PlayStation Plus subscription service in three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium; plans to steal Xbox’s thunder this June and drive its PlayStation sales.




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