After Making India Dance To Its Tunes, Spotify Takes A Hit On Games, Video Podcasts 

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Indians’ love for cars and music (and both together) is gaining momentum like never before – so much so that it’s keeping the providers on their toes.

While automobiles took some time to make a strong comeback after the pandemic, music streaming apps have been rising to glory.  

In a recent, India has become an engagement echelon – ranking in the top 10 – for Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

The company, which completed 3 years in India, claims to have more than doubled its subscriber base in India.

Seems like the ‘Premium’ ads worked! *Winks*

The streamer also claims that 1 out of every 4 music listeners on Spotify in India tunes in to podcasts.

It operates in more than 7,000 cities and towns in India.

High Tuning

From 65 markets worldwide at the time of debut to 183 in 4 years – Spotify saw it coming and is propelling towards its aim of securing 1 billion users by 2030.

14% of all podcast listening hours are currently monetized by the platform.

Music Is A Game

In another, Spotify is buying Heardle, a music recognition trivia game that’s shot up in popularity, for an undisclosed amount.

The deal is part of Spotify’s mission to make its app more interactive and diversify its revenue streams. 

The Gameplay

In addition to keeping music nerds engaged, Spotify hopes that Heardle can act as a music discovery tool.

Users must guess the song being played within 6 tries (like Wordle) based first on the opening notes, then on hints of increasing length.

The game has millions of players currently who play for free.

Heardle’s Spotify integration has taken off in the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The plan is to eventually integrate Heardle “more fully” into the app in other countries and languages. 

Podcasting On Another Level

With the growing popularity of video podcasts, the streamer is expanding its features to 6 new territories, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico. 

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: Spotify identifies India amongst its top 10 engagement markets; buys Heardle – a music recognition trivia game besides expanding its video podcast features to more countries.




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