Adani Plans A Ferrari To Take On Reliance Jio, Tata

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So apparently, the super app syndrome is getting a hold of Indian billionaires.

After Adani’s energy, cement, healthcare, and a whole lot of other stints, the billionaire’s conglomerate is gearing up for a digital foray.

It has now thrown its hat in the ring to build a super app to offer a suite of services across its 400-million customer base. 

The move comes as the competition between Reliance and Tata heats up. 

Well, we saw that coming. Almost a no-brainer!

After all, the large consumer base engages at multiple levels, including Adani airport, Adani Wilmar, Adani total gas, and Adani electricity, among others. 

The task of developing the super app has been handed over to the newly formed incubation, Digital Labs, whose work has impressed its owner. Addressing employees of Adani Digital Labs, he said that this must be the “Ferrari of the digital world.”

This week, Adani also announced its foray into industrial 5G space after acquiring 400 MHz of spectrum. The group won the 5G spectrum worth Rs.212 Cr, which would help create a unified digital platform and accelerate the scale of Adani’s business portfolio.

Speaking of super apps, India is showering love on Tata Group’s recently launched super app too. Tata Neu has been downloaded by over 7 million users within just 7 weeks of its launch.

Tata has also hinted that the next big play from Tata Neu will come from its recent stint in the hospitality and travel segment. 

For those of you who’ve been paying attention, it might not come as a surprise!

So very soon, Tata will offer the convergence of its airline offerings — Vistara, AirAsia India, Air India, as well as Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) on the Neu App.

Amidst growth plans and pleasantries, the super app’s CTO, Sauvik Banerjjee has exited the company – barely months into the app’s launch. Apparently, the ex-CTO is looking for more ‘global’ pastures.

Bottomline – Indians love super apps as much as they’re falling in love with electric vehicles (EVs) these days. With that said, how about having the best of both worlds?

The big news is – a super app for electric vehicles is coming to India – brought to you by the government.

The app, dedicated to electric vehicles, will act as a one-stop shop for ‘all-things-EV’ in the country.

From user information to locations and tariffs of charging stations and their availability in real-time – Convergence Energy Services (CESL) is currently combining all this information in this super app.

It is expected to go live in the coming 4-6 weeks.

This deserves some super app-reciation, indeed!

Too long? Here’s a one-liner: After acquiring 400 MHz of spectrum in the 5G airwaves auction, Adani gears up to develop a super app; GoI to launch an EV super app soon.




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