Do you not have the time to read up on the news every day?

Do you sometimes worry about being called out in front of your friends or bosses?

Do you wish there was someone who could be your saving grace?

With us in your life, you can say ‘No Mo’ FOMO’

Like you, we were tired of not knowing it all, too. As professionals, we didn’t have much time to read up on brands and their business while managing our college or jobs. We mean, so many brands, so much to learn, and staying in the loop every day?

 It was simply confusing and exhausting. 


Every weekday, we’ll share quick and relevant updates on what’s up with brands in the Indian ecosystem – what new brands are popping up, how the business is faring, and everything in between while keeping you in the center of it all. 

The best part? It is not dull and will take you less than five minutes to soak it all and be the smartest one in the group

With a tight-knit community of professionals in tow, there’s more in store. 

We welcome you to join the HOOD.

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